Situated in the heart of the city Shri Bharat Mandir is the most ancient and the most famous temple. The history of the temple is the history of Hrishikesh indeed. The glory of this ancient temple is described in Kedar Khand (Vide Chapters 115 to 120)

In the seventeenth Manavavtar, Lord Vishnu pleased by the hard penance of Raibhya rishi Himself said "I will reside here for ever as Hrishikesh Narayan and this place will be known as Hrishikesh." Those who worshiped me as Varah in Satyug, as Parashuram in Treta Yug, Vaman in Dwapar and Bharat in Kaliyug are certainly entitled for liberation.

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Shri Bharat Sanskrti Mahavidyalaya[Founded in March, 1921]

In the pious premises of the ancient shrine of Bharat Bhagwan, His Holiness Mahant Parasuram Ji Maharaj founded Sri Bharat Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya on 11th March 1921 with a view to promote and preserve India’s Vedic culture and Sanskrit education. In the beginning this Mahavidyalay


Bhadra Kali Temple

The temple of Mother Durga is known as Bhadra Kali Mandir. It stands at the back of Sri Bharat Mandir in the west. It has been glorified in the Kedar Khand of Skand Puran. This holy spot known by the name of Maheshwari bestows all success and prosperity. It is one of the most famous Siddha Pithas. According to the Puranas Goddess Parvati assumed the form of Kali


Other Institution

To cater to the need of modern education, H.H. Mahant Parashuram Ji Maharaj, set up a small school in the temple

  • Sri Bharat Mandir Inter School
  • Jyoti Special School
  • Sri Bharat Mandir Public School